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Events and Festivities in Sitges

Sitges Gay
Besides being a charming village with narrow streets, white beaches, warm weather, Sitges receives and hosts many gay tourists.
Sitges has always been characterized by its tolerance and its inhabitants and visitors open-mindedness. It's definitely a convivial village where all people are welcome regardless of color, religion or sexual orientation.

Sitges International Film Festival

Sitges Internacional Festival of Fantastic Cinema of Catalunya organized always in October and is considered the first Festival of Fantastic Cinema in the world.
Sitges Carnival

Sitges Carnival

Carnival in Sitges is condidered one of the best Carnivals in the world, population in Sitges during this week is increase greatly.
Gay carnival is very important, many Gay bar´s organize party in the streets.
Fiesta mayor Sitges 2017

Festa Major

The Festa Major of Sitges, maybe is the most important party in Sitges for a local people, many traditional dance go out by the streets and let off a fireworks.
Don't miss it from August 21st to 27th.
Sitges Gay pride 2017

Sitges Gay Pride

Gay Pride is held every summer. It's a five-day festival that includes parades and some events organized on the occasion. Tents are mounted in the seafront with Dj´s and different parties in bars of Sitges.
Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi in Sitges

Sitges is renowned internationally for its celebration of Corpus Christi.
A deeply rooted tradition, a great number of its village streets are carpeted with intricate.
Vintage car Rally Barcelona-Sitges

Barcelona-Sitges Rally

The Barcelona-Sitges Vintage Car Rally starts in Barcelona and ends in the seafront of Sitges.

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